INFANT PROGRAM (6 weeks-13 months)

Infants are cared for in a private setting with all the comforts of home to help them develop in a relaxing environment. The room features cribs, rocking chairs, high chairs, and changing tables to ensure the best care for your child. Everyday infants are nurtured by friendly, enthusiastic, and responsive caregivers that provide loving interactions during feedings, rest times, play times, and diaper changes. With the use of developmental toys, sensory toys, classical music, and interactive games, infants are provided with the necessary tools to help them reach their milestones. Parents and guardians are kept up to date with the HiMama app that reports feeding times, diaper changes, nap times, and sends periodic photos of your child’s activities to keep you engaged in your child’s development. (Staff to child ratio—1:4)

TODDLER PROGRAM (13 months to 36 months)

Toddlers are nurtured in a lively classroom that encourages their growth and ensures that they reach all the necessary milestones. Children are kept on a schedule that allows them to explore the world through age appropriate toys and projects. Everyday toddlers participate in a daily read aloud, circle time, music activities, crafts, and free play. Children in the toddler classroom are encouraged to use their words to express their needs and wants to help them further develop their verbal communication skills. Parents and guardians are kept up to date with the HiMama app that reports food consumption, diaper changes, nap times, developmental milestones, and sends periodic photos of your child’s activities to keep you engaged in your child’s development. (Staff to child ratio—1:6)


The Pre-School Program strives to familiarize 3 and 4 year olds with the proper etiquette of a classroom setting. The children are challenged to learn names, the alphabet, addresses, phone numbers, and much more. The playful setting of the classroom encourages free play and discussion to allow children to utilize their imagination and learn by doing. This class lets children discover the world around them, while also preparing them for their future education. (Staff to child ratio—1:10)


Pre-School Program offers:

  • Opportunities to learn persistence when working at tasks, direction following, and good listening skills
  • Focuses on language and literacy skills
  • Teaches children problem-solving skills
  • Helps children expand their knowledge and increase their vocabulary
  • Opportunities to learn beginning skills involving the alphabet, numbers, and spatial awareness 
  • Focus on scientific thinking skills
  • Teaches early literacy and mathematics through a variety of activities and projects
  • Opportunities for preschoolers to engage in music, art, and dramatic play


The Pre-Kindergarten Program at the Learning Locomotion prepares children for the transition to public school. Every child takes part in daily activities ranging from discussion regarding the weather, calendar, crafts, and readings. The room is equipped with an array of stations from a computer center, reading center, and dramatic play center that keep children busy learning all day. (Staff to child ratio—1:10)

Pre-Kindergarten Program offers:

  • Working with children one-on-one and in groups, supervising activities, keeping students on task
  • Introducing students to concepts that are to be explored further in kindergarten, such as early literacy experiences
  • Creating schedules and routines, ensuring children have a proper balance of rest and physical activities
  • Planning curriculum targeting areas related to child development such as social, motor and language skills
  • Developing language skills by reading to students and encouraging discussion through storytelling activities
  • Helping students interact and adapt socially through activities that promote group engagement and fairness


School age children are welcomed into an environment that encourages them to learn, while also having fun. Before school, children are offered breakfast and games to get them ready for the day ahead. After school, children are offered a nutritional snack, given time to do their homework, and entertained with arts and crafts.

The Summer Camp program helps children maintain their educational growth and entertained with a plethora of activities. Everyday, children participate in games, crafts, and given free time to socialize with friends. Over the course of the summer, children will also be given the opportunity to embark on field trips to the movie theater, the Crayola Factory, the local pool, and many other places. The Summer Camp program is both fun and educational, helping children to prosper in an enjoyable environment. 


All required paperwork must be filled out and accompanied by a $35.00 registration fee before child may enter our facility. 

The Learning Locomotion facilities can be rented out on Saturday's and Sunday's for birthday parties, baby showers, or other special events. Please contact the offices to make arrangements. 

HiMama APP

The Learning Locomotion staff now uses the HiMama app to provide you with the most up-to-date information regarding your child’s daily activities and progress. With the HiMama app you will receive updates on your child’s activities to your email and smartphone—everything from health and nutrition to learning and development. The app allows teachers to record photos, observations, and activities on a tablet. The reports provide information regarding your child’s food consumption, diaper changes, supplies needed, nap times, and daily activities. 

The Learning Locomotion serves a nutritional breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack everyday for all ages including infants. A weekly menu is available at the entrance for all parents/guardians. 

The Learning Locomotion facilities offer three parking areas in the front, side, or behind the buildings. In order to ensure the safety of your child, you will need to check them in and out daily by signing your name on a sheet in your child’s classroom. The ID code to enter the building will be issued to you during the enrollment process. Both of the center’s open at 6:00 am and close at 6:00pm. If you pick up your child late an overtime charge of $1.00 per minute per child will be added to your weekly tuition unless it is an uncontrollable circumstance.

If there is any type of communicable illness spreading throughout the center you will be informed as soon as possible. When returning to school after seeing your doctor, please bring a note indicating that the child was released to return. If the doctor does not provide an excuse, the child may return after receiving an antibiotic and being fever free for 24 hours.

All children are developmentally evaluated within 45 days of enrollment. Written results are given to every parent. At that time arrangements may be made for parent/teacher conferences.