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Learning Locomotion

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Meet Our Staff

Any school that’s going to promote success must have good teachers and assistants. Learning Locomotion has an entire team of professionals to provide your child with enriching educational content in a safe, caring setting. Staff members are involved in the PTOs of Bangor, Easton, and Pen Argyl school districts. Learning Locomotion is part of the Bangor Business Association.

Tanya Peifly, PA

Tanya Peifly, Co-Owner

Education: Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education from the University of California of Pennsylvania, master’s degree in Elementary Education from East Stroudsburg University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology

Years with Learning Locomotion: 20

“Learning needs to be fun. Childhood should be a magical time filled with great experiences and memories.”

Eileen Peifly, PA

Eileen Peifly, Co-Owner

Eileen has her CDA certificate. She has been caring for children for over 40 years. Eileen loves the children as her own and feels she is the grandmother to all the children. Her favorite part of being in business for so long is when she sees her students out in the community all grown up as successful and productive members of the community.
Jodi Williams, PA

Jodi Williams, Director

Education: Associate’s degree in Early Childhood Education

Years with the Learning Locomotion: 20

“Children are our future and I love being able to guide them in the right direction.”

Lindsey Popke, PA

Lindsey Popke,Prekindergarten Teacher

Education: Childhood Development associate’s degree

Years with Learning Locomotion: 10

“I love working with children because I get to be goofy and creative. I like to see their growth throughout the year and what I have taught them.”

Rosa, PA

Lisa, Infant & Toddler Teacher, Bangor

Lisa has been an employee of Learning Locomotion for over 15 years. Lisa loves to read and sing to her children. She possesses a CDA and has many years of experience in running Upper Mt. Bethel Summer Camp and teaching Mommy and Me classes in NJ. Lisa believes that a classroom should be a safe and caring community.
Danielle, PA

Nikita, Infant & Toddler Teacher, Bangor

Nikita has been an employee of Learning Locomotion for over six years. Nikita is the reason we started Learning Locomotion! She has her CDA and a dual major at NCC studying Early Childhood and nursing. She loves watching the infants take their first steps and say their first words. Nikita enjoys being an important part of the children reaching developmental milestones.
Elena Colavito, PA

Elena Colavito, Infant & Toddler Teacher

Education: Kyrgyzstan Architectural College

Years with Learning Locomotion: 15

“I enjoy working with children because I feel like I have found what I was meant to do.”

Christina, PA

Christina, School-Age Teacher, Bangor

Christina was a director at the YMCA and has been a part of the Learning Locomotion family for the past four years. She has a way of making learning fun. She believes in the importance of communication with students and parents. Her classroom has a hands-on approach to learning. Not only is Christina an advocate for her students, but she is equally concerned about the environment and nature.
Phil, PA

Phil, Prekindergarten Teacher, Belfast

Phil is an experienced teacher who had a CDA certificate and early childhood credit. She has been employed at the Learning Locomotion for over 20 years. Her favorite part of the job is helping the students go from non-readers to readers. Phil has great classroom management skills and loves to teach science.
Angie, PA

Angie,Preschool Teacher, Belfast

Angie has a degree in business and a CDA. She has been an employee of Learning Locomotion for over 15 years. Angie’s belief is that we all need to work together for a better future. Her favorite days are when the children do not want to leave her classroom because they are having so much fun.
Danielle, PA

Danielle, Infant & Toddler Teacher, Belfast

Danielle has a degree in Early Childhood Education and has been an employee of the Learning Locomotion for over 15 years. Danielle’s philosophy is that all children are unique and must have a nurturing and loving environment so they can grow physically, emotionally, and socially.
Jackie Reddick, PA

Jackie Reddick, Teacher

Education: Graduated from East Stroudsburg University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Special Education with Early Childhood Education

Years with Learning Locomotion: 4

“I really enjoy working with children because I get a chance to help children and their families. I am able to express my creativity through arts, games, and activities.”

Marayanna, PA

Maryanna Troxell - Infant/Toddler Teacher

Maryanna has a hands-on approach to teaching and learning, she is always eager and willing to help children, parents, and staff. She has her CDA in Early Childhood as well as a Bachelor’s degree in English.

Peje, PA

Peje Thomas - Infant/Toddler Teacher

Peje enjoys art and loves watching children use their imaginations and be creative. “Being able to assist them in their growth and development and see them prosper is so rewarding as a teacher.” Peje has a CDA in Early Childhood Education and plans on continuing her education.

Time to prepare your child for lifelong learning! Enroll your child in Learning Locomotion in either Bangor or Easton, PA. call (610) 746-9441 or contact us using the form at the bottom of this page today!

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